About the program

Page last updated: 15 March 2016

The BreastScreen Australia program aims to reduce illness and death from breast cancer through a systematic approach with the aim of early detection using screening mammography.

Screening mammography detects unsuspected cancer at an early stage so that prompt treatment can reduce illness and death from breast cancer.

BreastScreen Australia invites women aged 50-74 to have free two-yearly mammogram. Women aged 40-49 and 75 and over are eligible to receive free mammograms but do not receive an invitation to attend.

The BreastScreen Australia program is jointly funded by Commonwealth, state and territory governments. The Commonwealth provides overall policy direction and coordination, and the program is delivered at a local level by state and territory governments.

BreastScreen Australia offers services in more than 600 locations in every state and territory. Purpose-built buses and 4WDs are also used to provide screening mammogram to women across Australia.

If you have moved interstate or haven’t received your invitation to participate in some time, contact your local BreastScreen Australia provider to ensure that your details are correctly listed.

To book a free mammogram, contact 13 20 50. When you call to make an appointment, BreastScreen Australia will give you information about the service near you.

Further information about BreastScreen Australia is available in the BreastScreen and You brochure.

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