Implementation guidelines for public mental health services and private hospitals

Cross referencing of National Standards for Mental Health Services

Page last updated: October 2010

Standard 1: Rights and responsibilities
Standard 2: Safety
Standard 3: Consumer and carer participation
Standard 4: Diversity responsiveness
Standard 5: Promotion and prevention
Standard 6: Consumers
Standard 7: Carers
Standard 8: Governance, leadership and management
Standard 9: Integration
Standard 10: Delivery of care

Standard 1. Rights and responsibilities

The rights and responsibilities of people affected by mental health problems and / or mental illness are upheld by the mental health service and are documented, prominently displayed, applied and promoted throughout all phases of care. Top of page

Standard 2. Safety

The activities and environment of the mental health service are safe for consumers, carers, families, visitors, staff and its community.

Standard 3. Consumer and carer participation

Consumers and carers are actively involved in the development, planning, delivery and evaluation of services.

Standard 4. Diversity responsiveness

The mental health service delivers services that take into account the cultural and social diversity of its consumers and meets their needs and those of their carers and community throughout all phases of care.

Standard 5. Promotion and prevention

The mental health service works in partnership with its community to promote mental health and address prevention of mental health problems and / or mental illness.

Standard 6. Consumers

Consumers have the right to comprehensive and integrated mental health care that meets their individual needs and achieves the best possible outcome in terms of their recovery. Top of page

Standard 7. Carers

The mental health service recognises, respects, values and supports the importance of carers to the wellbeing, treatment, and recovery of people with a mental illness.

Standard 8. Governance, leadership and management

The mental health service is governed, led and managed effectively and efficiently to facilitate the delivery of quality and coordinated services.

Standard 9. Integration

The mental health service collaborates with and develops partnerships within its own organisation and externally with other service providers to facilitate coordinated and integrated services for consumers and carers.

Standard 10. Delivery of care

10.1 Supporting recovery

The mental health service incorporates recovery principles into service delivery, culture and practice providing consumers with access and referral to a range of programs that will support sustainable recovery. Top of page

10.2 Access

The mental health service is accessible to the individual and meets the needs of its community in a timely manner.

10.3 Entry

The entry process to the mental health service meets the needs of its community and facilitates timeliness of entry and ongoing assessment.

10.4 Assessment and review

Consumers receive a comprehensive, timely and accurate assessment and a regular review of progress is provided to the consumer and their carer(s).

10.5 Treatment and support

The mental health service provides access to a range of evidence-based treatments and facilitates access to rehabilitation and support programs which address the specific needs of consumers and promote their recovery. Top of page

10.6 Exit and re-entry

The mental health service assists consumers to exit the service and ensures re-entry according to the consumer's needs.