Treatment service users (TSU) project: phase two

This project implemented consumer participation demonstration projects in a variety of drug treatment settings in Australia. It followed the phase one research project which recommended a series of priority actions to support education and training in relation to consumer participation.

Page last updated: March 2011

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Cover page (PDF 618 KB large file)
Title pages (PDF 140 KB)
Executive summary (PDF 86 KB)
1. Background (PDF 79 KB)
2. Model and definition of consumer participation (PDF 80 KB)
3. Demonstration projects (PDF 74 KB)
4. Evaluation aims and method (PDF 75 KB)
5. Evaluation findings (PDF 136 KB)
6. Discussion (PDF 207 KB)
7. Recommendations (PDF 71 KB)
Appendix 1: TSU: phase two promotional flyer (PDF 624 KB large file)
Appendix 2: List of TSU Advisory Committee members (PDF 60 KB)
Appendix 3: Demonstration projects: expressions of interest (PDF 788 KB large file)
Appendix 4: Demonstration projects: logframe (PDF 96 KB)
Appendix 5: Interview guide (PDF 74 KB)
Appendix 6: Consent forms for provider participants (PDF 240 KB)
Appendix 7: Consent forms for consumer participants (PDF 262 KB)
References (PDF 70 KB)
Relevant contacts (PDF 64 KB)
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