PHI 44/17 Health Insurance (Approved Billing Agents) Instrument 2017

Page last updated: 20 September 2017

PDF version: PHI 44/17 Health Insurance Instrument 2017 (PDF 47 KB)

The Minister for Health has made the Health Insurance (Approved Billing Agents) Instrument 2017 (the Instrument), to replace the Health Insurance (Approval of Billing Agents) Guidelines (No.1) 2004(the Guidelines) and the Health Insurance (Billing Agents - Conditions of Approval) Determination (No.1) 2004(the Determination).

All legislative instruments are subject to the sunsetting provisions in the Legislation Act 2003.  Sunsetting provisions in legislation provide that a law is repealed (sunset) after a specific date unless further legislative action has been taken to extend the law. The sunsetting process ensures that legislative instruments are kept up to date and only remain in force while they are fit for purpose, necessary and relevant.

The Department undertook an internal review of the Guidelines and Determination and as a result, the Determination and Guidelines were consolidated into one legislative instrument, noting that only minor administrative changes were made. The Instrument was published on the Federal Register of Legislation on 18 September 2017, and the Instrument comes into effect on 1 October 2017.

The Instrument can be accessed via the following link to the Federal Register of Legislation.