PHI 28/17 Prostheses List Management System (PLMS)

Page last updated: 08 June 2017

PDF Version: PHI 28/17 Prostheses List Management System (PLMS) (PDF 60 KB)

This bulletin is to inform you of a PLMS update that is to occur on Wednesday 14 June 2017.

PLMS Release

On Wednesday, 14 June 2017, there will be an update to the Prostheses List Management System (PLMS). While this release is being implemented into the production environment, the system will be offline and not available for use. You will be notified by messages on the PLMS homepage when the system will not be accessible and then once it has been restored for normal use.

The outage for the release will be after normal business hours on Wednesday, 14 June 2017, with the intention that the system will be ready for use at opening of business on Thursday, 15 June 2017.

We recommend to PLMS users to please put this date into your calendar / diary for noting.

Key Changes in the Release

There will be changes to the PLMS that impact both internal and external users. These changes address bug fixes and enhancements. Some key updates to improve the system that impact sponsors include:

1. Changes to ALL applications:
  • Application numbers will change to become simpler and more identifiable. New format is a single alphabetical prefix identifying the application type, followed by six system sequential numbers:
    N123456 – New Listing Application;
    A123456 – Amendment (Change of Listing Details)
    D123456 – Deletion
    E123456 – Expansion
    C123456 – Compression
    T123456 – Transfer
    R123456 – Duplication (Replication)
2. Changes to New applications:
  • Proposed benefit now appears only when a new group, sub-group and/or suffix is requested.
3. Changes to Amendment applications:
  • Applicant now able to select another sponsor’s billing code as a comparator;
  • Retains yellow highlighting of amended fields to easily identify requested changes.
4. Changes to Deletion applications:
  • PLMS – Recent Applications List: ‘View Status Details’ displayed for deletion of multiple billing codes. Status of each billing code within an application now viewable.
5. Changes to Duplication applications:
  • Includes option to indicate ‘ARTG is Pending’;
  • Allows option to make changes to product name and description;
  • Catalogue Number(s) are a mandatory entry field.
6. Application Search function
  • Allows search by application number or part of number;
  • Allows search by application type;

The Department welcomes your feedback and hopes the changes will provide a better user experience.

Any queries regarding this matter should be directed to Prostheses Section or the Prostheses Hotline on (02) 6289 9463.

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