Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2010-11

Documents disclosed in response to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

Page last updated: 04/06/2013

From 1 May 2011 all Australian Government agencies are required to publish a list of documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI), within 10 working days of the applicant receiving the documents.

Documents disclosed in response to an FOI request are subject to the following exceptions:

      • personal information or information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any person if publication would be unreasonable;
      • information determined by the Australian Information Commissioner not to be disclosed;
      • information that cannot reasonably practicably be published because of required deletions to the document.
In the spirit of promoting greater openness in government, the Department of Health (Health) maintains a list of documents disclosed under the FOI Act (with redactions) from 1 January 2011. It is hoped that this measure will enable members of the public and the media to quickly and easily obtain access to material which has already been disclosed under the FOI Act.

The Health FOI Disclosure Log contains downloadable documents. Due to the historical nature of the documents they are not in an accessible format. Members of the public that cannot access this format can contact Health to discuss alternative access arrangements.

FOI Coordinator (MDP 350)
Department of Health
GPO Box 9848


(02) 6289 1666 (within Australia)
+61 2 6289 1666 (International)


A list of documents disclosed in 2010-11 in response to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

FOI NumberDate of AccessTitle of FOI Request (link to documents)Access and Number of DocumentsOther Information
162-101124 June 2011All briefs to the secretary and minister on NEHTA's decision to award the NASH contract to IBM and not Medicare Australia.
FOI 162-1011 document (PDF 305 KB)
1 document partial release
073-1011 26 May 2011 Prostheses and Devices Committee.
FOI 073-1011 9 documents
5 documents full release
14 document partial release
Section 11 C of the FOI Act provides that information that would be unreasonable to publish is exempt. 9 documents have been identified as reasonable to publish.
166-1011 25 May 2011 Pricewaterhouse Cooper report arising from its efficiency review of the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy.
FOI 166-1011 document (PDF 368 KB)
1 document partial release
87-1011 29 March 2011 Successful tender of Tender No. ITA FOI 038/0304 in respect of the provision of radiation oncology services in Toowoomba QLD. 7 documents full release
3 document partial release
058-1011 16 March 2011 Prescribing of antidepressants to children and individuals involved in the investigation.
FOI 058-1011 documents 1-15
10 documents full release
5 documents partial release
99-1011 28 January 2011 Review of the National Rural Locum Program - Stage 1 Final Report. 1 document full release
88-1011 14 January 2011 Review of Section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act, 1973.
FOI 88-1011 document 1 - Large File (PDF 2731 KB)
1 document full release
111-1011 22 December 2010 Code of conduct statistics provided to APSC for the period 07/08, 08/09 and 09/10 3 documents full release
046-1011 6 December 2010 Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee review of treatment for Fabry disease.

Public Summary Document (PSD) for the Fabry Disease Literature Review
10 documents full release
5 document partial release
On 2 August 2011, the Public Summary Document (PSD) for the Fabry Disease Literature Review was made public.
78-1011 3 December 2010 Ministerial briefs on the review of Breast Screen Australia.
FOI 78-1011 documents 1-18
16 documents full release
2 document partial release
74-1011 1 December 2010 Reprocessed single use medical devices. 3 documents full release
1 document partial release
064-1011 5 November 2010 Documents relating to a position applied for in the Brisbane office of the Department. 6 documents full release
2 document partial release