Anti-match-fixing policy template

6. Disciplinary Process

Page last updated: 01 August 2016

The Sport will need to set out a disciplinary process, or refer to the existing disciplinary framework of the Sport, within this section 6 of the Policy.
An example disciplinary process is contained in Annexure E. The NISU can provide assistance if required.
At a minimum, the disciplinary process should:
  1. allow all Alleged Offenders to be afforded the right to a timely, fair and impartial hearing
  2. allow information disclosed during a hearing process to be used for further investigations
  3. outline the process for the hearing panel to refer a matter to the disciplinary panel if relevant
  4. afford the Alleged Offender a right to appeal a decision to an appeals tribunal:
    1. where the decision of the Hearing Panel is wrong having regard to the application of this Policy or the Code of Conduct
    2. where new evidence has become available
    3. where natural justice has been denied, or
    4. in respect of the penalty imposed.