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The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (the Program) is an Australian Government Initiative. The Department of Health is responsible for the operation of the Program.

Page last updated: 18 November 2019

Telstra Health maintains the National Cancer Screening Register on behalf of the Department of Health. The National Cancer Screening Register supports the Program by inviting, reminding and following up participants for screening. It also helps healthcare providers make decisions about their patients’ health care.

The National Cancer Screening Register collects personal information about you when you participate in screening for the purposes of providing you with healthcare services, delivering and evaluating the Program and for statistical, program performance, policy development, research and investigation purposes or where it is required or authorised by law.

If you receive a positive immunochemical Faecal Occult Blood Test (iFOBT) result, this information may also be used to:

  • assist you to receive appropriate follow up and access to health services in accordance with clinical guidelines;
  • contact health professionals such as your doctor or specialist on Program issues, in the interests of your health and to request relevant reports be submitted to the register; and
  • check Medicare and Department of Veterans’ Affairs claims for health services provided to you following a positive iFOBT result.

Your personal information may be provided to health professionals involved in the provision of services under the Program such as your nominated doctor, medical specialists, the pathology laboratory responsible for analysing your iFOBT, employees and contracted service providers of state and territory health departments, the Department of Health, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and any authorised third party you have nominated.

Personal information which you provide to the following persons at any future stage of your participation in the Program, will be collected and included on the National Cancer Screening Regiater for the purposes described above:
  • your nominated doctor/medical practitioner (if any); and
  • hospitals, doctors and medical specialists to whom you may be referred; and
  • employees or contracted services providers of state/territory governments, but only those employees or contractors who need to have access; and
  • pathologists who are requested to analyse samples taken from any follow up procedures.

The National Cancer Screening Register is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act), including the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), and the National Cancer Screening Register Act 2016. You can read the full privacy policy on the National Cancer Screening Register’s website.

The Department of Health has an APP privacy policy which you can read on the Department of Health's website.

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