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How to do the test (2018) – National Bowel Cancer Screening Program – Arabic translation

If you received your kit in 2017, you can view the instructions for that kit:

Introduction paragraph in Arabic
Posters and brochures are available to be ordered in your language on the Publications and resources page

A simple free test could save your life (PDF 611 KB)
Pre-invitation letter in Arabic (PDF 395 KB)
Invitation letter in Arabic (PDF 338 KB)
Information booklet in Arabic (PDF 7430 KB)
Home test kit instructions in Arabic (PDF 1556 KB)
Invitation letter for 74 year olds (PDF 419 KB)
Print ad - Arabic (PDF 275 KB)
Brochure - Arabic (PDF 558 KB)
Poster - Arabic (PDF 1685 KB)
Radio ad - Arabic (audio file) - WAV 11631KB

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