Instructions for Colonoscopy and Histopathology Report

Page last updated: 18 November 2019

Report purpose

This Colonoscopy and Histopathology report provides valuable information to the National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR) about your patient, where they are a National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (Program) participant. Your assistance is sought to ensure Program information is complete.

Instructions for colonoscopists

  1. Complete Sections 1-9a of this report. (Please use codes provided when completing Section 9a).
  2. Submit the report to the NCSR by using the SUBMIT button on this electronic report.
  3. If you have requested histopathology services, please send a copy of the histopathology section of this report with the specimen/s.
Note: The print option at the end of this report includes an option to automatically provide a pre-populated copy of the Histopathology Report to be included with specimens being sent for testing.

Instructions for histopathologists

If you are using this report because you did not receive a pre-populated Histopathology Report from the colonoscopist, then select "Histopathology". Please ensure you identify the number of specimens that were sent for testing which will generate the appropriate number of rows in Section 9b (Please use codes provided when completing Section 9b).

More information

More information about this report can be obtained by contacting the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program Contact Centre on 1800 118 868 (free call).

Participant privacy

NBCSP Participant Privacy

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), patients are made aware that healthcare providers may collect and disclose their personal information to the NCSR. You are authorised to collect and disclose your patient’s personal information under the National Cancer Screening Register Act 2016.

NBCSP Practitioner Privacy

The NCSR is authorised to collect information under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the National Cancer Screening Register Act 2016. The NCSR collects information about you and other healthcare providers from the Department of Human Services and others for the purpose of verifying your identity and communicating with you.

The NCSR also collects information directly from you. Your personal information may be disclosed to a range of agencies or organisations, including State and Territory Health Departments, Australian
Government agencies and where you have agreed or where it is authorised or required by law or court or tribunal order.

If you require information on the NCSR’s privacy policy, please visit

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