Breast Cancer Screening Podcasts

Page last updated: 08 July 2016

Podcasts - Audio play

Episode 1 Aunty Joan and her daughter have a yarn about getting a breast screen.
Episode 1 transcript (Word 24 KB)
Episode 2 Aunty Val explains the breast screening process to Aunty Joan and says that getting a mammogram is really easy and it’s free. Aunty Joan agrees to book an appointment.
Episode 2 transcript (Word 24 KB)
Episode 3 Aunty Joan talks about her breast screening appointment and how she felt really comfortable and shouldn’t have been worried. Aunty Joan will book another breast screen in two years.
Episode 3 transcript (Word 23 KB)

About the audio plays

The audio plays describe a family going about their weekly activities, and follows the conversations between Aunty Joan, her daughter Tracy and Aunty Val. Throughout the plays Aunty Joan expresses her concerns about getting a breast screen. Both her daughter Tracy and her sister, Aunty Val, explain that getting a mammogram is easy and free and really important – especially to remain strong and healthy for the family. In the end, Aunty Joan has a breast screen. She yarns to Aunty Val about how she felt really comfortable at the appointment and is really glad she went to the appointment.

The radio plays are a great educational tool. The strong imagery generated through the dialogue paints a picture of what it’s like to discuss breast cancer with family members. The story and dialogue are entertaining, engaging and educational for listeners.

Podcasts - Audio segments

The audio segments are short 1min pieces which aim to educate listeners about the importance of having a breast screening test. The segments highlight different but equally important reasons why women aged 50 -74 should book a breast screening appointment every two years.

The audio segments are an effective educational tool, providing a snapshot of the importance of cancer screening.

Segment 1 Breast screening is important. Breast cancer is the most common form of breast cancer for women in Australia. Having a free screening every two years is the best way to detect breast cancer early.
Segment 1 transcript (Word 22 KB)
Segment 2 A breast screen test is always private. A female worker will look after you and make sure you always feel safe and comfortable.
Segment 2 transcript (Word 22 KB)
Segment 3 By having a breast screening test you’ll be making sure any problems you have, are picked up as early as possible.
Segment 3 transcript (Word 22 KB)
Segment 4 Encourage mothers 50 - 74 to have a free breast screening test every two years.
Segment 4 transcript (Word 22 KB)
Segment 5 We need more elders who are strong and healthy. Having a breast screen is a great way to detect any problems they have as early as possible.
Segment 5 transcript (Word 22 KB)
Segment 6 We all want those we care about to be healthy, so its important women know that getting a mammogram is private, free and you can bring someone with you if you like.
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Podcasts - Case studies

Below, people share their story of how breast cancer has affected them and their families.

Dawn's story Dawn's story: Early detection saved my life Dawn's story transcript (Word 18 KB)
Fiona’s story Fiona’s story: Fiona promotes Breast Screening in her community Fiona’s story transcript (Word 17 KB)
Cheryl’s story Cheryl’s story: I didn’t think it would happen to me Cheryl’s story transcript (Word 17 KB)
Margarette’s story Margarette’s story: Margarette says get your breasts screened even if you feel healthy Margarette’s story transcript (Word 17 KB)