Bowel Cancer Screening Podcasts

Podcasts and case studies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Page last updated: 19 July 2016

Podcasts - Audio play

Episode 1

At Billy’s footy game; dad, mum and Jack yarn about health and getting old.

Episode 2

Dad and Billy get ready for a fishing trip and mum finds the hidden bowel cancer screening kit.

Episode 3

At family dinner Talia makes dad promise to do the bowel screening kit.

Episode 4

Family day at the footy, dad has completed the bowel screening test and encourages others to do it too.

About the audio plays

The audio plays describe a family going about their weekly activities, and portray the family’s thoughts and feelings around bowel cancer. Throughout the plays the topic of bowel cancer is raised. During each play ‘dad’ expresses how he doesn’t want to do the bowel cancer screening test. However his family; particularly his daughter Talia encourage him to do the test.

The radio plays are a great educational tool. The strong imagery generated through the dialogue paints a picture of what it’s like to discuss bowel cancer within the family unit. The story and dialogue are entertaining, engaging and educational for listeners.

Podcasts - Audio segments

The audio segments are short 1min pieces which aim to educate listeners about the importance of completing the bowel cancer screening test. The segments highlight different but equally important reasons why the screening test should be completed by those who receive it in the mail.

The audio segments are an effective educational tool, providing a snapshot of the importance of cancer screening.

Segment 1 The bowel cancer screening test is quick, easy and can be done in the privacy of your own home. Segment 1 transcript (Word 17 KB)
Segment 2 Think about your family before you throw away your bowel cancer screening kit Segment 2 transcript (Word 17 KB)
Segment 3 Early detection means better treatment options and health outcomes down the track Segment 3 transcript (Word 17 KB)
Segment 4 Make bowel cancer screening a priority; it’s the second most common cause of cancer deaths in Australia Segment 4 transcript (Word 17 KB)
Segment 5 Don’t ignore bowel cancer screening; doing the test is the best way to find it early Segment 5 transcript (Word 17 KB)
Segment 6 Encourage your friends and family to do the bowel cancer screening test Segment 6 transcript (Word 17 KB)

Podcasts - Case studies

Below, people share their story of how bowel cancer has affected them and their families.

Sharon's story Sharon's Story – My dad died from bowel cancer. Sharon's story transcript (Word 17 KB)
Ernest's story Ernest’s Story – Bowel Screening, just do it. Ernest's story transcript (Word 19 KB)
Bruce's story Bruce's Story – Bruce explains how to do the bowel cancer screening test. Bruce's story transcript (Word 16 KB)
David's story David's Story – David tells his story. David's story transcript (Word 20 KB)

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