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Page last updated: 01 February 2019

The Commonwealth Department of Health commissioned Allen and Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists to prepare a literature review on new and emerging technologies with the potential to impact population-based breast cancer screening and the BreastScreen Australia program. A summary of findings has also been prepared from interviews with key stakeholders involved in the delivery of BreastScreen Australia screening services, undertaking breast cancer research, or providing consumer/patient support.

The Future of Breast Screening: A literature review of emerging technologies in breast cancer screening

This paper presents findings on new and emerging technologies that may, in the future, have an application in population-based breast cancer screening of asymptomatic women. More research is needed on the new and emerging technology described in the report, including proof that they are able to reduce deaths due to breast cancer through early detection.

The technologies and innovations described in the paper are:
Biomarkers (blood and saliva testing);
  • Innovations to existing imaging technologies that are already used in either breast cancer screening, assessment or diagnosis (such as mammographic techniques like contrast enhanced mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis, magnetic resonance imaging, or ultrasound);
  • New imaging technologies (such as molecular breast imaging and spectroscopy); and
  • New ways of reading or interpreting images (computer-aided detection, artificial intelligence, and tele-mammography).
The future of breast screening (PDF 1706 KB)
The future of breast screening (Word 980 KB)

The future of breast screening: Implementing emerging technologies to detect breast cancer - findings from key stakeholder interviews

This paper is a summary of interviews with key stakeholders. It discusses potential implementation issues associated with emerging technology such as automated whole breast ultrasound, computer-aided detection and artificial intelligence, and digital breast tomosynthesis.

The future of breast screening – findings from key stakeholders (PDF 900 KB)
The future of breast screening – findings from key stakeholders (Word 541 KB)